Creative Thinking Basics

Creativity can be triggered by specific things, especially when the person involved has the natural ability to do so. For a person with natural creative thinking skills, it naturally occurs even if he or she is not aware of it. Learn more about the basics of creative thinking in this article.

Creative Thinking and Its Fundamentals

What exactly is creativity? Indeed, there are a number of ways you can define the word “creativity”. However, the most modest way to define this mysterious element that is shared by all people is the fact that creativity is the ability of the person’s mind to acquire facts, materials, and/or ideas and distinguish them in a distinctive manner or way. It is a unique point of view, a fresh idea and/or a new way of looking at a certain problem.

A lot of people will tell you that they are not creative, or you may even think that you are not. But then, you have to realize that everyone is truly creative. Every person has his/her own creative style. A few are good at producing new ideas and playing around with them, making those ideas more functional, while others are simply fine when it comes to identifying unusually new solutions and ways of doing things.

Take a glance at your surroundings, at the house or apartment you are living in, at the fixtures and furniture in this space. Look at the clothes that you wear. Each manufactured product you view was, at one time or another, an idea or thought in a person’s mind.

Each time you make a decision about something it is because your mind perceives the situation a certain way. Each time you make a decision on what to eat and what to wear, or how to organize something and get to work, you are being creative. When people envision a beautifully colored flower and then mentally change a few of its characteristics (such as its shape, texture, petal shape and more), no one will have the same image after five minutes.

This is mainly due to the fact that everyone will produce a unique image. It only means that everyone is creative.
Creative thinking is a natural way of thinking and not a different way of thinking. You have been taught about thinking logically, reproductively and even linearly. Along with this, you might have been informed that creativity in itself should be learned and taught in the same manner as other subjects in academics.

It should not be the case. Conceptual blending is in the center of imagination. It is a cognitive process, which functions under the consciousness level. This involves the association of 2 cognitive ideas to produce new meanings, while explaining creativity and abstract thoughts — an underlying mental process that is distinctive to humans.

Constantly occurring without your awareness, these blends are vital for the conception of emergent ideas, global insight, and meanings. With these ideas in mind, you should have a better understanding about the basics of creative thinking.




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