Making a Choice about Which Path to Take

Life is full of complexities, challenges and difficulties. Often, we just find ourselves in the middle of a crossroad, becoming even more confused about the right road to take. Sometimes, we are left with a lot of options and each of them seems to be good, in these cases making the right choice seems to be even more daunting.

The decision to become a darkworker or a lightworker is also a crucial decision. They may seem very different, but the fact is that these polarities complement each other. Both of them possess great characteristics that will boost yourself and will allow you to recognize the real you.

Things in this life are not always predetermined. Things happen based on your decisions, whether you are aware of it or not. Everything in this world is a product of your choices. You have the power to shape your own life and make this world a better place for you and for other people. What you need is to make the right choice and select the right path that you want to take.

Being either a lightworker or a darkworker is not easy, but you have to make a choice. You need to determine the right path you want to take. You have to choose the path that will bring you great joy, contentment and happiness to your life.

Villain, Hero or a Non-player Character — Which One are You?

Darkworking is actually a choice. It may be a choice that an individual may rather not make. Nonetheless, it remains a choice for conscious growth. Some people never make a decision to polarize as a darkworker in their whole life and never put forward a 100 percent commitment. However, it is only when such commitment is made that real power starts to flow through their lives.

In the span of your life, you can choose to become the villain or the hero, or perhaps the non-player character. The non-players are those passive types who watch the story starting to unfold from the sideline. Most individuals choose to be non-player characters, but the villain and the hero have more power to be able to direct how their life unfolds.

If you do not choose to become a villain or you do not choose to become a hero, then you are a non-player character by default.

There is actually nothing wrong with being a non-player. However, you just need to be more aware that once you choose to be one, your fate is hugely at the mercy of villains and heroes. Non-player characters usually end up spending their entire life riding those waves that are created by villains and heroes, usually serving one side without even realizing it. If you act from love, then you are helping the hero in the story. However, when you act from fear, then you are serving the villains.

As said before, darkworking is a choice. Choosing to be a darkworker does not mean choosing to be evil. Doing things in fulfillment of your desire and purpose and in pursuit to your own happiness is not necessarily evil. What is important is that you recognize who you are and you do not allow any negative feelings to take away the real you. It is important for you to increase your level of consciousness.

By selecting a path to take and focusing on it, you will gain tremendous clarity when it comes to decision-making as well as motivation to work. Being a darkworker is a constant choice. It is a lifetime commitment. Whatever character you choose, you have to live with it and serve your purpose. Look further into yourself and determine the role you play in your own life story.

You are the main character in the story that you also direct. No one is responsible for the decision you make. It may be influenced by others but still, you have the choice to be influenced or not. You are the character and the director of your own tale and its plot will be based on each choice you make.

You have the sole power to create the kind of life that you want. You may not realize it, but you have to understand that things happen as a result of your conscious choices. The power to make this world a better place for everyone is within you. Make the right choice and use such power to shape this world and make it a more wonderful place for everyone.




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Lindsay Nelson

Lindsay Nelson

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