Tips To Simplify In Handling Stress

Lindsay Nelson ~ Miss Alaska
5 min readMay 27, 2021

Make It Simple

Meditation gives you balance of the mind

The harmony of mind is interrupted throughout times of stress. Whether its stress related to your place of business, it is due to money troubles, or it’s due to other reasons, you start beginning to become more and more irritable. If stressful times keep going for a long period, you could even slip into clinical depression.

Meditation is the perfect anti-dote to the toxins known as tension and worries. It makes your mind relaxed and gives you emotional and mental clarity. If used for a long period, meditation contributes to better self-awareness. When you find yourself in a nerve-wracking situation or start to feel that slight anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach running through your system, try the following.

An Easy Meditation for Inner Peace: Breath Counting:

Choose a room which is calm and comfortable. Sit comfortably with your head, neck and back straight. Put aside all damaging ideas and center on the now. Close your eyes. Center on your breathing as the air moves in and out. If you discover thoughts invading your mind, try not to let them distract you from your breathing. Continue to be calm and centered.

Now, when you breathe out, start counting from

‘1’. Then count ‘2’ for the next breath. Count ‘3’ for the third breath, and ‘4’ for the fourth. With the fifth breath, begin again with ‘1.’ Go on until ‘4’. Then start again from ‘1.’ You don’t need to adhere the number four, it can be five or six or even seven. In any case, the number shouldn’t go beyond ten. It may cause mental confusion in the beginning, and could be an additional burden on your mind. Four is perfect for starting out.

Throughout this meditation, think of nothing else other than your breath and the counting. You are able to use this exercise to decompress. A lot of times, you’ll find yourself in a stressful position at work, annoyed by the antics of a colleague, or feeling Overcome by your life as a whole. You have to discover a ways to relax.

Start Meditating For Relaxation and Sleep:

If you are able to execute some meditation exercise on a day-to-day basis; either before bedtime or sometime throughout the day (you are able to even use breathing exercises at work), see to it that you do take time out for you to experience the release of stress and welcome an inner calm.

Use Music to Reduce Stress:

Music is a Healer. Instinctively we turn to music to unwind and to create a favorable surrounding. Delicate and calming music does a good deal for our frazzled nerves. It washes away the weariness of a busy day. Music therapy as a healing science is advancing in popularity.

Consider the following to understand why music is gaining the attention of healers the world over.

1. Music aids you in sleeping better: In a study of elderly individuals with sleep related Troubles, it was reported that listening to Classical and New Age music helped 96% of them to sleep better.

2. Music is helpful in pain management: Japanese researchers found that music aided in reducing pain in a control group, which listened to music throughout pain causing conditions. Music can be effectively used in pain management.

3. Music reduces surgical anxiousness: In a study conducted in a hospital, patients who listened to music of their choice in a surgical holding area had Decreased levels of anxiety prior to, during, and after the surgery. It also helped in keeping their blood pressure lower before surgery.

4. Music helps reduce depression: it’s apparent that music is able to improve mood and uplift the spirits. Now, psychologists have found that giving music therapy to patients of clinical depression, along with the standard treatment, helps reduce symptoms of clinical depression faster.

Music is in Our Blood!

You’re acquainted with music for relaxation since your childhood. As a child, your first encounter with music was mother’s lullaby. How the mother’s lullaby comforts the irritability of a baby and sends her gently to reassuring sleep. Who is not acquainted with the relaxing affect of nature’s sounds, be it birds’ chirruping, the slow gargling of a stream, or deep murmur of the river.

All these sounds have a relaxing affect on all of us; we can say that music is in our blood: we do not have to learn it to enjoy it! It’s the most mystifying non-verbal communication we all understand. Then why not learn to use it?
Music takes your mind away from the immediate troubles: it produces a positive Atmosphere to think creatively, it unwinds you physically in addition to soothing you mentally; it produces a favorable surrounding.

Not all music can be a soothing helpful aid in creating a more relaxed atmosphere. The loud and fast music might not be a tension reliever for all the individuals. The music has to be of the right kind and it has to be of your liking. Listen to classical music and new age music; these are known to be relaxing for most of us. Or, you may like to listen to the music, which has been particularly created for relaxation.

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